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About Us!

The Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Interlocal (OKHEEI) consists of 9 colleges and universities across the State of Oklahoma, as well as the Administrative Office of the Regional University System of Oklahoma. These institutions joined forces to more effectively and economically provide competitive benefits for their employees.

This site provides employees, active and retirees, important information regarding benefits, forms, notices and discounts offered through OKHEEI.

Please contact your institution's Human Resources Department with specific questions regarding benefits or any additional information found on this site.

OKHEEI Board Members:


2023-2024 Chair: Dennis Westman, Southeastern OK State University

2023-2024 Vice Chair: Melanie Rinehart, Seminole State College

2023-2024 Secretary: Christy Landsaw - Northeastern State University

Debra Lyon (Designee) - RUSO Board Office

Melanie Rinehart  - Seminole State College

Dennis Westman - Southeastern OK State University

Lori Boyd - Southwestern OK State University

Jon Fields - Redlands Community College

Darrell Morrison - East Central University

Kalee Sundeen (Designee) - Murray State College

Christy Landsaw - Northeastern State University

Anita Simpson - Northern OK College

Dr. David Pecha - Northwestern OK State University

The following institutions are members of OKHEEI. 

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